第十五届结构工程国际研讨会(ISSE-15)将于2018年10月24-27日在杭州举行,会议由国家自然科学基金委员会(NSFC)主办,浙江大学承办。结构工程国际研讨会(ISSE)源自1990年在乐山召开的结构工程青年学者国际研讨会(International Symposium on Structural Engineering for Young Experts- ISSEYE),该研讨会随后分别在哈尔滨(1992)、上海(1994)、北京(1996)、沈阳(1998)、昆明(2000)、天津(2002)、西安(2004)、福州(2006)、长沙(2008)召开,于2010年更为现名后分别在广州(2010)、武汉(2012)、合肥(2014)和北京(2016)召开,已成功举办14届。经过20余年的发展,该会议已经成为结构工程领域以世界华人学术骨干为主体、特色鲜明的国际学术会议。
    The Fifteenth International Symposium on Structural Engineering (ISSE-15) will be held in Hangzhou on 24-27 October 2018. The conference will be sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and Zhejiang University. International Symposium on Structural Engineering (ISSE) from structural engineering Young Scholars International Symposium held in Leshan in 1990 (International Symposium on Structural Engineering for Young Experts- ISSEYE), then the seminar in Harbin (1992), Shanghai (1994), Beijing (1996), Shenyang (1998), Kunming (2000), Tianjin (2002), Xi'an (2004), Fuzhou (2006), Changsha (2008) held its present name in 2010 respectively in Guangzhou (2010), Wuhan (2012), Hefei (2014) and Beijing (2016) held, has been successfully held 14 sessions. After more than 20 years of development, the conference has become an international academic conference in the field of structural engineering with the backbone of the Chinese academic circles in the world as its main body and distinctive features.

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