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Hangzhou's history dates back to 2,200 years ago during the Qin dynasty (221-206 BC). The city was chosen as capital of the Wuyue Kingdom (907-978 AD) and the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279 AD). It is one of the seven ancient capitals of China. Hangzhou is famous for its beautiful scenery, and crowned as the paradise on earth. Hangzhou benefited from the convenience of the Beijing-Hangzhou canal and trade ports, as well as its own developed silk and grain industry, which historically served as an important commercial distribution center. Thereafter, relying on the railway, as well as Shanghai's import and export trade, its industry experienced a rapid progress. Hangzhou has a large number of cultural relics most of which scattered around West Lake, and the main representative among them include the West Lake culture, Liangzhu culture, silk culture, tea culture, etc. And a lot of stories and legendries are handed down, and become cultural representatives of Hangzhou.

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